Why Total Building Management?

Acsys Control Systems is a leading integrator of control systems and building management solutions in the UAE. We Design, Supply and Commission total building management and control solutions in the UAE. As a registered "Ecoxpert" and one of the longest trading partner of "Schneider" in the UAE, we are the right qualified people to commission complicated systems and easy user end usability. Offering "Kamstrup BTU Meters" to monitor heating control along with our own controllers for an impressive integrated building management system. 

Total building management has become an essential part of modern economies, most people in industrialized countries spend at least 30% of their lives indoor at their work places, and another 60% at their homes. If we take the gulf countries into consideration, the harsh weather encourages this behavior even more, with people choosing to spend their time indoors instead of outdoors. The advancement in building management solutions has even led to the creation of malls the way we know them and even indoor recreational facilities . Thus making comfortable temperature, temperature control, air regulation and filtration, lighting control and monitoring; necessary for efficient, effective and overall productive work.

Cooling and Heating

Proper control of cooling and heating always plays an important role in the comfort of an environment, through careful monitoring and intelligent implementation, a building management will allow for the occupant's well-being as well as energy savings at the same time. 

Access Control

 A comprehensive approach to Building Management does not only focus on the HVAC aspects of a building. It also monitors the access to and from the building, even the site in general, as well as sensitive areas in the building, to ensure a secure environment for you and your product or service.

Essentially with the same idea a complete control philosophy can be applied to almost any aspect of an ecosystem, such as:

  • Automatic lighting control

  • Control over elevators from a remote site, improve safety drastically and avoid accidents

  • Security and Remote Control for doors, elevators allow to create a safer environment for residents, and allow closer inspection opportunities for the security team.

  • Remote Monitoring can be extremely useful in situations like fire hazards, and systems allow automatic triggering of the right service in the event of a hazard

  • Valves, pumps, gates and similar are very important parts of the HVAC system, remote control over these allow for Remote Assistance from any location and even remote maintenance, saving a lot of time and costs.

The applications of a properly working building management system can be countless, and in the end we can be relied on to design, balance and commission any kind of requirement in order to offer a complete solution.

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