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Acsys Control Systems control systems is a leading supplier of various valves in the UAE, not limited to Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and the remaining emirates. We are able to supply valves in huge volumes and individually as well per your requirement. Visit our online store to have a more in depth look at our portfolio.

Acsys Control Systems L.L.C is locally situated meaning we always have ready stock for industrial components in the BMS field. With shorter lead times and internationally recognized stock of products, we can certainly help you with your requirements. If you are looking for something specific do not be afraid to send us an inquiry and we will certainly look into solving your problem. 

Items will also be available for sale online soon! To give an example of what we have to offer, have a read below:

Check Valves

We have in ready stock check valves from TA and Duyar, check valves are almost used everywhere, their basic function is to facilitate flow from A to B without returning any flow. Typically known types of check valves are usually:

  • Ball Check Valves: The most common kind, where a metal ball usually stops reverse flow.

  • Diaphragm Check Valves: A Diaphragm within the valve controls the flow, releasing pressure once the pressure on the flow side is greater than the other.

  • Swing Check Valves: A swing door, similar to a trap door opens and closes to allow flow

Gate Valves 

Gate Valves by TA, VIR and Duyar, typically gate valves are used as barriers or as the name suggests; a gate to shut off the supply of flow. This simple use makes them an essential for the HVAC industry and the most common uses are to isolate systems or to separate systems. Perhaps the most commonly used kind of valve in the industry.

Balancing Valves

Automatic balancing valves are utilized in HVAC systems that rely on flow of water through the system. The main purpose of a balancing valve is to ensure the correct flow rate or pressure is achieved in the system. Using latest flow technology to ensure that the design flow rate is achieved at all times irrespective of any pressure changes within the system.

The importance of the correct valve is no doubt important, Acsys is currently providing most of its balancing valves through TA, which are guaranteed for accuracy and precision.

Globe, Ball and 3 Way Valves

Valves are like the doors and windows of the HVAC industry, it is always advisable to get the correct item for the right function. There are countless kinds of valves each designed for a specific function. In the HVAC field, precision and accuracy is important for longevity of systems, remote assistance and most importantly maintenance.

Globe, Ball and 3 Way Valves regulate flow like any other valves do, however they can be considered like traffic lights, allowing flow into one area and not the other, vice versa.

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