BTU & Energy Metering Systems

Acsys Control Systems is an award winning distributor of Kamstrup Denmark in the MENA region since 2003. Not limited to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujeirah, Oman, KSA, and more. The reason behind this level of success is pure and simple. We are able to hold the promise of Kamstrup to provide intelligent energy and water metering solutions. With the ability to offer complete design, implementation, commissioning and support to projects, Acsys Control Systems  L.L.C has become an entrusted part of the Kamstrup Eco-system here in the GCC.

So what are BTU & Energy Metering Systems?

Since 2003 Acsys has helped 100s of households and commercial buildings in the GCC to adopt more reliable, intelligent and more cost-effective ways to measure and manage the supply of energy and water. The metering systems created by Kamstrup allow us to this, with more accurate and integrate-able devices, the information recorded by them becomes more useful hence allowing for better predictive analysis by the BMS system programmed by our technicians.

In the end BTU and Energy Metering Systems are just devices of measure and must be integrated efficiently into a buildings systems by our capable engineers.

Supporting Partners

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