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Smart Water Meter Solutions

Acsys Control Systems is the oldest and most trusted distributor of smart water meters by kamstrup in the UAE. Since 2003 Acsys has helped provide the GCC and UAE with state of the art ultrasonic meters along with high performing remote reading and advanced monitoring of pressure and leakages for intelligent data analysis. 

As buildings become more modern there is a need to be able to make them more efficient, smart metering solutions allow of efficient decision making with the help of quick and accurate information. 


Kamstrup Multical

MULTICAL® 62 is an ultrasonic water meter used for measuring cold water consumption up to 50°C and hot water consumption up to 90°C. The meter can be used in trade, industry and housing. MULTICAL® 62 is a static water meter and it does not include any moving parts. Therefore, the meter maintains its pinpoint accuracy throughout its entire lifetime. Being a static water meter prolongs the sensor’s lifetime considerably as it is immune to particles and not subject to wear and tear. MULTICAL® 62 has 13 years battery lifetime. Together with the meter’s unique combination of pinpoint measuring accuracy and longevity, this secures minimal yearly operating costs.

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