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Affordable Coil Cleaning Solution: Speed Clean CJ 125 E

Cleaning coils tends to be a tedious task, usually because of the effort behind hauling equipment around the work site, finding water connections and extending power cables makes for unnecessary tasks that cause an increase in per job time and of course affect overall productivity of your team.

The SpeedClean CoilJet® CJ-125 HVAC Coil Cleaner System is how you can make quick work of maintenance calls. A portable hand held device ideals for cleaning coils in locations without water and power, including separate water and chemical containers.

"its small, fits almost anywhere and can be taken anywhere without hassle, no more hauling hoses, ladders, tools up and down. With the CJ 125 its just a one trip fix"

With a water tank of 3.5 Gallons and a Chemical tank of 1.75 Quarts, multiple roof mounted units can be cleaned with ease. It makes for quicker and faster work, which means more jobs can be done in the same time. Also the reduction of physical exhaustion from the service team leads to better productivity and an over all higher return on capital. Not to mention that the elimination of hoses, tools and other extras also eliminates unwanted safety risks on a work site. Not having to do that extra work could be as much as a 30 minute per unit time savings when dealing with units spread across a building. For service companies with fixed-rate pricing, that time savings means more profit per service call and an improving bottom line. The ease of use, portability, and efficiency of the CJ-125 is best summarized by the service people who use it,

“With the CJ-125, I can save money on my labor, lower my risk factor, and the customer gets a faster job. It’s better for everyone involved.”

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