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What is the EcoXpert Program?

Acsys Control Systems is one of the longest members of Schneider's EcoXpert program in the UAE. The idea behind the EcoXpert Partner Program is a program unique in its industry offering an esteemed partnership between Schneider Electric and a global, cross-expertise ecosystem of solution providers. Together, we deliver best-in-class automation and digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability to our customers.

Why look for an EcoXpert?

Being an EcoXpert partner Acsys Control Systems can guarantee trained and certified technicians by Schneider Electric.  In order to completely utilize the potential of hardware and software created by Schneider, it is crucial to look for an EcoXpert, in a way the Ecoxpert are the arms of implementation of the EcoStruxure created by Schneider. This way a long term EcoXpert partner such as Acsys can bring about connectivity to maturity in residential buildings, commercial buildings and in the hotel market; that work simply together. Therefore one of the most immediate benefits is how future proof, easy to upgrade and maintain the systems are. 

Save Energy

The energy demands of the world are on the forever rise, this means for the need to implement energy savings EcoStruxures in modern buildings could play a vital part in flat lining the demand of energy over the next 20 years. EcoXpert clients should aim to target savings of 30% to 50% in modern buildings which is achievable via Acsys trained EcoXpert professionals.


Go Electric

As more and more of the world's industry goes electric, especially with the development of more electric transport, it will be vital for future buildings to support the spread of these technologies. The EcoXpert program is heading the way for the largest every energy migration. 

- Building Automation Systems in UAE along with the GCC and MENA region.

- Delivering optimized energy solutions through HVAC applications.

- Access control systems including intrusion detection systems.

-Intelligent lighting control and automation, designed to save more energy and being convenient at the same time.

-Datacom: providing reliable cabling and infrastructure, installation of voice and date networks, ensuring long term system performance.

-Lighting control, simple temperature control, security and energy management and configuring automation solutions on top of existing electrical configurations; in homes and small medium enterprises.

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