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TAC by Schneider Electric

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To satisfy the accelerating building control requirements of today’s building owners and occupants, the controls industry focuses on information technology for building management – Building IT. 
By merging communications, data collection, information sharing and networking into a single, interoperable system, TAC Vista creates efficient, economical building control solutions that fit seamlessly with other products based on open system architecture.
Combining industry-standard technology with an easy-to-use interface, TAC Vista produces an integrated building management solution that is reliable, flexible and cost-effective. Full integration of environmental control as well as facility and energy management in a single software package allow you to customize TAC Vista for any building and security management application

  • Open system for open choice.

  • TCP/IP offers a variety of networking architecture options.

  • TAC Vista's flexible architecture makes it highly scale-able

  • You will always know what is happening within your control system.

  • TAC Vista is a software solution that efficiently controls, checks and analyzes the daily operation and economical running of a building.

  • Remote access solutions on multiple platforms and browsers makes it highly flexible and instantly accessible from different areas.

TAC Xenta 511 works like any Web Server, making it easy to monitor and control operations in a smaller system, such as district heating centre, an apartment block, offices or a daycare centre- 24 hour a day, over intranets or via the Internet. Alarms generated through a change in the system can be forwarded via e-mail to multiple addresses, or as an SMS message to any number of mobile phones.

The main task of TAC Vista ScreenMate is to replace the traditional room unit functions in buildings using TAC Xenta 100. It is installed on every PC, and communicates with the server via TCP/IP protocol on the intranet. TAC Vista ScreenMate makes it possible for the users to read and make personal settings of for example the indoor temperature control, direct on their PCs.

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