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One of the most recent ventures of Acsys Control Systems is with Strega Technologies. Strega is a French Company that focuses on remote control via LORA/IP based communication systems. One of the biggest advantages of using this technology is the compatibility and ease of use with systems in the middle east since the technology is actually tailor made to fit in the local market.

LORA/IP based Communication Systems

Being part of the LoRa Alliance Family brings immediate advantages to the table; along with more flexibility and compatibility, benefits like being low power consumption make battery powered modules more feasible. Also the frequencies these devices work on are free to use all over the world, including the middle east of course. LoRa enabled devices can also transmit up to 15 km distances in non urban areas and are rated up to 5 km in urban areas, making it a strong contender for application in remote monitoring systems.


Remote Monitoring Systems

Remote monitoring is definitely the future of automation systems worldwide, the UAE already has a huge head start in remote monitoring systems and the trend will definitely continue to be this way. Remote monitoring will make it far easier to run more diagnostics, tackle multiple systems, solve problems much faster; the more it is effectively adopted and used. Therefore without a doubt our goal is to stay ahead and keep developing newer technologies to provide the best solutions available.

Smart Valves

Acsys Control Systems offers a diverse range of valves, sensors other components. We strive to stay innovative and keep offering the best in the market; now with the help of Strega Technologies. 

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